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Merci Becker


@mercimbecker NASM Certified Personal Trainer, CPR & AED

Merci first found her love for all things fitness back in 2019, when she discovered weight lifting. She started her fitness journey in hopes that the habits she developed in the gym would carry over into her everyday life. She is a BIG believer in getting the mind in shape as well as the body. 

Merci has since lost 30lbs and has overcome several eating disorders through setting mental/physical goals and putting in the work. She is happiest when she is helping others to do the same! She will always be there to hype you up and wants to help you find your own love for fitness. 

“My favorite thing about training individuals is seeing the hard work pay off. Whether it be in losing weight, building muscle, or gaining confidence, I can't wait to celebrate your wins with you!”

Merci’s favorite pastime is making her 5 teenage brothers hit the gym with her :)

Merci Becker
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