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“My body changed drastically after having my first child and I was tired of feeling uncomfortable in it. So, I set out to look for a gym that could help me achieve my goals.

I had always enjoyed working out but I had 2 major problems:

1) I love lifting but struggled with my form, which led to a lot of back pain.

2) I struggled to push myself when I was alone.

Coming back to the gym was so hard, mainly because I didn’t feel motivated, no concept of what workouts to do, and I would get bored easily. So when I started strength training at HPF, I was so excited because I found a place that had exceeded my expectations. I have never felt so strong and proud of myself. Strength training has definitely helped me, not only physically, but mentally as well. It’s the one hour of the day where I get to escape reality and focus on myself.

Since starting HPF, I have been able to lose 56lbs. Although I still haven’t hit my ideal weight, I no longer have to feel self conscious when taking pictures or trying on clothes. The progress I’ve made just pushes me to keep coming for more!”

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