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“HPF Crabapple opened at the perfect time. After 3 years of inconsistent home workouts and running, this midlife mom needed a change.

I stopped running except for a few rogue 5k’s and focused on building strength. Right away I started feeling stronger and soon after, my clothes started fitting better.

The programming is the smartest I’ve ever seen - I can workout 5x a week and feel good! No killing myself over crazy high reps or joint damaging jumping.

I’ve increased the weight on all of my lifts and love the daily challenge. I just ran a 5k and shaved 3:35 off of my previous time 2 months ago, having only run ONCE in between!

You will see and feel results with HPF. It’s perfect for everyone, but especially perfect for those who are looking to get stronger and fitter so they can be active in the years ahead - and do it in a fun and supportive community. Truly the best.”

Callie - HPF Member and ray of sunshine.

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