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Denise was hesitant to start her fitness journey at HPF. She had been training at a gym for some time but this seemed different and fear of the unknown started to creep in. Needless to say, after some convincing, she pulled the trigger in July 2023 and made the switch to HPF to start her new journey… and we’re so glad she did!

Denise took to the HPF ways of fitness seamlessly and started to see strength gains early on. Her body was changing and she was craving more… so a conversation with our in-house nutrition coach, Coach Rachel, began and Denise would soon begin to lock in her nutrition with health as the primary mission.

Denise started to see the scale drop with her new routine of training and nutrition guidance from Rachel and has currently dropped 51.3lbs! We love that Denise had a goal of getting HEALTHY and her body rewarded her with more energy, less body fat, and more muscle.

“I can’t believe I was asking my body to carry that extra weight around 24/7. Now to continue upping my game in the gym and continuing to implement lessons learned.”

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