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"My highest score before HPF was a 598 and I wanted to be one of the rare max ACFT (Army Combat Fitness Test) scores in the Army which I finally achieved.

My best results at HPF would be becoming a more well-rounded SOF (Special Operations Forces) Soldier and athlete. I've gained strength while increasing my overall work capacity and improving my cardiovascular capabilities.

Before I came to HPF, I had good strength but my cardio lacked. I needed more varied modalities in my programming.

I love the variety in the programming and the people I get to crush the workouts with. They motivate me and push me every single day. I've made lifelong friends here and I wouldn't have found that at previous places I've trained at.

To anyone out there looking to start their fitness journey, you just have to do it. You have to mentally trash the excuses you might try to come up with and commit to your health."

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