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“When I began my fitness journey, I was 405lbs, wore a 7XL shirt, and had a 63” waist.

When I first heard of HPF and met Chris, my initial assumption was that HPF was a CrossFit gym… and I knew that I couldn’t physically do it… nor did I want to do CrossFit. I had tried cardio based gyms in the past and knew I could do those but never really saw the results I was looking for. After digging deeper with Chris, I learned the true methodologies of HPF and discovered that we could tailor the workouts just for me! I can proudly say that this is the longest I have been a member of any gym and there is no end in sight. The workouts are sustainable for the long term and keep delivering results!

While I’m not finished in pursuing my goals, I’ve lost over 140lbs, wear an XL shirt, and have a 40” waist. I can pick up my kids (when we first began, I couldn’t lift weight from the ground… now I can deadlift 455lbs), I can tie my shoes, I can jump on a 24” box, I can squat full range of motion, and no more medications!“

If you’ve been in HPF, you’ve most likely seen Michael absolutely crushing the day and being the nicest guy at the same time. His results are incredible and a prime example of what hard work can produce 👏

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