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Terri Holcom

Head Administrator & Coach


NASM Certified Personal Trainer, CPR & AED, Nutrition, Hormones and Metabolism, Matrix MX4, Theragun Performance Specialist, SCW Yoga L1, Roll Model Method

Terri has been a lover of health and fitness for 30+ years, entering the fitness industry as a coach and personal trainer in 2020. She considers herself a life-long learner, who enjoys gaining insight and wisdom from each person, situation and experience she encounters. Terri enjoys all varieties of fitness and has a competitive nature, completing 20 half marathons and one full marathon. She has competed in Ms. Galaxy Fitness, Deka Strong and Deka Mile. Her biggest struggle is trying to fit all the things she loves into her day!


Terri’s ultimate fitness goal is to empower others to love themselves FIRST. In putting your own health and fitness first this allows you to better care for others in your life.


When not in the gym, Terri loves spending time with her husband, Dennis and their daughter, Emma. Her ideal day would be anything outdoors, bonus points if it involves a body of water! Her dogs are a three generation family: grandma, daughter, grandson, they are lively and spunky and bring joy to everyone they meet. She also has one cat that acts like a dog! It’s safe to say she is an animal lover!

Terri Holcom
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